Weir Plates & Scum Baffles

Pidna Nig. Ltd. manufactures weir plates, lap plates, cover plates, scum baffle plates and scum baffle support brackets of the highest quality, made of fibreglass reinforced polyester resin.  Matched-die moulded to produce smooth, gelcoat rich surfaces, free of voids, porosity, exposed glass, and cracks. All edges are sealed in the mould. The inherent properties of FRP weirs and baffles make them ideal for use in water and wastewater applications.




Our weir plates and baffles have unique qualities such as:

Excellent corrosion resistance
High strength
Light weight
Easy to install
Long service life
Low maintenance


Pidna weir plates and baffles are offered in custom-sizes.  Notched and un-notched weirs are available in a number of standard configurations and can be supplied with accessories such as mounting washers, brackets and hardware. Specialty baffles such as “Current Flow Baffles” and “Gate Flow Baffles” are manufactured to the customers’ specifications.