Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastic Mortal Pipes

We offer FRP/GRP MOTAR PIPES fabricated by fixed-length winding technology using glass fibre and its products as reinforcing materials, UPR (unsaturated polyester resin) as base material and silica sand as filling.

Production Range

  • Diameter: DN100-DN4000
  • Pressure rating: 0.1MPa-2.5MPa
  • Stiffness class: 1250-10000N/m2

Product standard

  • GB/T 21238-2007 glass fibre reinforced plastic mortar pipe

Product Characteristics

  • Excellent physical properties, light weight and high-strength
  • Good corrosion resistance and long service life
  • Stable chemical structure and no secondary contamination
  • Low heat conductivity coefficient and low heat loss • Very smooth inner wall and excellent hydraulic properties
  • No build-up of scale and wax, saving maintenance costs
  • Fewer connections, good sealing performance
  • High design ability
  • Easy installation and low comprehensive costs

Range of Application

  • This GRP mortar pipe is widely used in oilfields, chemical industry, urban water supply and drainage, water conservancy construction, power plants, ports and piers, wastewater treatment plants, papermaking, leather making, pharmaceutical engineering and other water-consuming projects.