PIDNA’s  FRP products are more environmentally friendly than wood and longer lasting that wood or steel when faced with the harsh elements that agricultural work demands. Our FRP components can help you build a lower cost and lower maintenance farm building, storage container, or trellising system, while also providing some of the basic requirements needed for fish farming, irrigation systems, roofing and cladding, etc.

We are most reputable for our wide range of unique aquatic tank offerings; FRP tanks, acrylic tanks and stainless steel tanks.


  • Corrosion Resistant– A perfect solution for any agricultural structures exposed to the elements
  • Nonconductive – Won’t spark or conduct electricity
  • Lightweight– Makes fabrication easy and reduces transportation costs
  • Strong & Stable– Strong as steel, yet requires less maintenance, and won’t shrink, swell, or warp
  • Long-Lasting– Won’t show wear and tear due to heat, chemical elements, or moisture
  • Nonmagnetic– Safe around all electronic equipment
  • Easy to Install– Lightweight and can be installed using commercial tools
  • 100% Guaranteed Performance

Products we offer  include, but not limited to:

  • FRP Fish and Water Tanks
  • FRP Irrigation Pipes
  • Greenhouse
  • FRP Storage Vessels
  • FRP Gratings and pultruded Profiles
  • FRP Trays and Platforms
  • FRP Roofing Sheets
  • Customized Kennels
  • FRP Carriages
  • FRP Farm Shed
  • Acrylic Tanks