FRP/GRP Skylight & Domes

Sophisticated and complex modern architectural designs have inadequate natural illumination outside electricity. The attendant effect is a temporal grope in darkness during the period of power switch over. In offices, activities and movements stop automatically. In residences, children are perplexed in attention and sit tight. Incorporation of Skylights becomes inevitable, recognizing the need for creating skylights which will be translucent (which will allow diffused sunlight to enter) ,leak proof, light weight , strong, durable ( long life) and aesthetically beautiful . With the option of numerous types of Skylights available in the market, this immediately poses another confusion/hurdle.  Pidna Fiberglass Skylights might fascinate you. Our Skylights and Domes are known for their excellent features such as excellent resistance to moisture/water, ultraviolet rays, shock proof, and others.

We have perfected the art of dome making, offering products that can be best described as state-of –the arts. Every space needing a touch of elegance can definitely make do with our prestigious FRP/GRP domes and skylights. We design, manufacture, deliver, and install the finest FRP/GRP domes and skylights on your mosque, church, halls, and other spaces.

We also offer customization opportunities to our clients as per their FRP/GRP skylights and domes requirements.