Food Processing, Beverage & Brewries

Today’s advanced food processing companies find ways to get the most out of food resources.  In some ways similar to our own digestive systems, processing facilities use complex chemical reactions that involve corrosive chemicals. This work gives some amazing results all to give us a safe food supply with byproducts that also have economic value.

Food processing uses fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) and other composite materials for many applications, due to their superior corrosion resistance and food safety.  Many of the reactions involve high free chloride applications which are an excellent place to use FRP.  Some of our product offerings  include chemical storage FRPtanks, FRP piping, reactors and ducting, FRP wall  and roof cladding and panels, fiberglass grating offers slip protection and holds up in areas needing repeat and constant cleansing.

We also provide a wide variety of EPOXY FLOORING, to meet the flooring requirements of the food processing industry. Polyurethane Flooring, Vinyl Ester Protective Flooring, Heavy Duty Industrial Flooring, Secondary Containment Flooring, Slip Resistant Flooring, Surface Repair Flooring, Chemical Resistant Flooring; Countertops, are a few of our flooring solutions to the food processing industry.


  • Catwalks, Gates, Self-Closing, Gates, Slide, Grating/Flooring, Moveable Platforms, Pit Guards, Staircases, Step Platforms, Walkovers