FRP Cabins & Mobile Kiosks

We hold expert position in offering an exclusive range of FRP Portable Security and commercial Cabins to the customers. Our FRP/GRP cabins are in high demands due to their portable designs, aesthetics, sturdy construction and durability. We have a few standard designs that are usually quickly out of stock, but we often welcome our clients’ unique specifications and often do our best to deliver as promptly as possible.

Cabin Base Anti-slip floor with pre-cast gritted surface and a 15 mm thickness to allow for maximum load capacity.
OUTER PANELS Mould System Manufactured using automated system of infusion under controlled temperature with the use of a specialty polyester resin which has characteristics for mitigating mould shrinkage.
Cabin Manufacturing System Manufactured using the best and most suitable FRP materials to achieve a double-walled polyurethane sandwiched panel. Air tight produced using modular structures to prevent access of climatic elements such as rain and dust.
Outer Surface finishing Finished with a special gelcoat to give a smooth and glossy outer panel, with finishing and paintings customised to suit client’s organisational brands and colours. More importantly, unlike metallic features, our outer panels are non-corrosive and can easily be maintained and re-sprayed.
Inner Surface Finishing Finished with smooth surface and off-white coloured, with basic features as the outer walls..
Wall Insulation Walls are FRP- Polyurethane foam-FRP sandwiched, so as to keep the inner temperature conducive and habitable even in extreme weather conditions.
INNER WALL System Produced from a single unit mould to enhance strength and rigidity of entire product, more so create an airtight product conducive in rainy environments.
Inner Surface Material Double-layered FRP single cast, with a gelcoat finishing.
Wall Insulation Sandwiched Polyurethane foam
ROOF Roof system Manufactured using FRP materials and also a sandwiched product as other parts of the cabin. Produced to avoid detainment of rain water, while achieving basic FRP properties such as non-corroding.
Roof Insulation Polyurethane foam is injected
Inner Surface Coating Special gelcoat polyester and off-white colour Isophthalic Acrylic based is used.
Outer Surface Coating Special gelcoat polyester and off-white colour Isophtalic Acrylic based is used.
DOOR Outer Door Framed from Aluminium materials with 4mm tempered- clear glass, usually based on custom-request.
WINDOWS Window Majorly aluminium frames of best quality and colour is based on request.
Glass 4 mm thick tempered car glass
ELECTRIC FITTINGS Cable All ISO certified and mostly based on customer request. However, this may affect the standard price per unit if additional fittings are required.

Outer fittings would be pre-installed only on special request.

Lighting Fittings
Sockets and Switches
OPTIONEL ACCESSORIES If bench, table, shelf, sink, blind, shutter, inner wall compartment and an additional wc etc. are requested as an option, those requests will be made against a fee.
WARRANTY Like every other Pidna factory finished product, a one year warranty is issued on the cabin, this does not cover fittings and any other non-FRP part.

With Pidna, there is no limit to how much your imaginations can fly, when it comes to your FRP/GRP cabin designs and requirements, we have you covered.