GRP/FRP Lighting poles and sign boards/Pylons

Our Glass Reinforced Polymer Composite Poles (GRP) is a state-of-the-art product that can survive high levels of stress and all weather conditions. The poles are made of unsaturated polyester resins and reinforced by fiberglass rovings, mats or fabrics. The combination of glass and resin offers additional durability and sturdiness. Our GRP poles come with a host of benefits like ease of installation, low maintenance, low cost, vandal resistant, non-corrosive, durable and more. Since the poles are non-conductive and low in inertia, risks of electrocution and personal injury is not there. These poles are environment friendly, as they last for ages and require no harmful chemical treatment like wood and steel poles.



Other features of GRPs include:

• Best for all known atmospheric conditions
• Highly non-corrosive
• Maintenance free
• Long lasting
• Electric Insulator
• Joint less, single piece construction up to 13 meters
• Light weight, low handling cost
• UV stabilised
• Available in different colours
• Radar Transparent
• High strength to weight ratio
• Easy installation

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