Low Pressure GRP, GRE & GRV Pipes

We deliver Low Pressure Pipes fabricated by fixed-length winding technology using glass fibre and its products as reinforcing materials, and a thermosetting resin, such as unsaturated polyester resin or epoxy resin, as the base material.

Production Range

  • Diameter: DN25-DN2000
  • Pressure rating: 0.1MPa-6.9MPa Product standard
  • API Spec 15LR-2002 Specification for low pressure fibreglass line pipe and fittings, 7th Edition
  • SY/T 6266-2004 Low pressure fibreglass line pipe and fittings
  • JC 552-2011 Filament-wound thermosetting resin pressured pipe

Product Characteristics

  • Excellent physical properties, light weight and high-strength
  • Good corrosion resistance and long service life
  • Stable chemical structure and no secondary contamination
  • Good insulation performance and good design ability
  • Low heat conductivity coefficient and low heat loss
  • Very smooth inner wall and excellent hydraulic properties
  • No buildup of scale and wax, saving maintenance costs
  • Easy installation and low comprehensive costs

Range of Application

  • Oilfield: oily water transmission pipelines; crude oil transmission pipeline
  • Chemical: Corrosion-proof pipeline for chemical plants; pipelines for power plants
  • Municipal works: used for municipal water supply and urban sewage and drainage
  • Others: GRP cooling towers, smoke flue, etc.