GRE Tubing

We have a large supply of GRE Tubing manufactured by micro-controlled filament winding epoxy resin combined with high-strength glass fibre roving.


Production Range

  • Diameter: DN50-DN80
  • Pressure rating: 10MPa-25Mpa
  • Can be designed and manufactured according to customer needs Product standard
  • Q/SXD 002-2011 High pressure glass fibre reinforced epoxy resin downhole tubing
  • SY/T 6267-2006 Specification for high pressure fibreglass pipe


Range of Application

  • Down hole oily water injection line
  • Production tubing


Product Characteristics

  • Lightweight, easy installation and transportation
  • High specific strength and reasonable mechanical properties
  • Good anti-corrosion performance
  • Low thermal conductivity and low thermal stress
  • Good electric insulation performance
  • Good hydraulics performance
  • Rust-resistant, posing no secondary contamination to the transported media
  • Anti-contamination and resistance to insects
  • Good wear resistance and high design ability

We also offer a variety of GRE CASINGS from our various OEM suppliers all across the globe. Whatever your project requirements as per FRP/GRP/GRE/PVC/HDPE Pipes, Fittings and Duct systems, let Pidna be your first port of call, as we are always ready to offer prompt and reliable solutions you can count on.